What do we do at Abiok publicity?

We are into outdoor advertising which include:
1. Billboard advertising
2. transit adevertising
3. Bus Shelter advertising
4. Placed Based Outdoor

How does Transit advertising works?

We have several buses, Tricycles(keke),trains and trucks, which we use to display your brand products. Also, we have these vehicles at different locations, going through different routes making people to see your advert(s).

Where do you have your billboards?

We have our sites located at Pan-Nigeria but our strength is in South West, South East and South South Nigeria.

Do you operate outside Nigeria?

No, but we have the intention of spreading to East Africa e.g Bernin, Togo and Ghana.

Are your prices negotiable?

Some are negotiable while some are not.

How do we contact you?

You can contact us by calling or sending a test message to the contacts below:
You can also send an email to info@abiokpublicity.com.